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Ways to Study

At Pitman Training we know the importance of having support on hand throughout your studies. That’s why you won’t get a ‘generic’ call centre response from us. Instead, you should find that whatever learning method you choose, you have the support of course advisors at your local Pitman Training centre.

You can contact your local course advisors for support and guidance:
– In person at your local training centre
– By telephone
– By email

Pitman Training offer flexible, self-paced training, which is tailor made to fit around your current work commitments and lifestyle. As such we offer three study options:

We understand how it important it is for those who enjoy studying in a focussed environment which is dedicated to optimising your learning experience. This is why all of our Pitman Training centres offer very accommodating training facilities to ensure you really do enjoy and get the most out of your studies. With friendly course advisors on hand to offer support and guidance as and when you need it, you will also benefit from being in the same environment and company of fellow students who are also studying in centre and striving to achieve their career goals.

Online distance learning simply allows you to study as you would in centre, but at a time and place to suit you, whether that be at home or at work. We understand that it can sometimes be difficult to get to a centre, for numerous reasons. That’s why distance learning offers you the perfect way to fit your studies around your daily commitments, instead of the other way round, which is often the case. Our friendly course advisors will supply you with all of the learning materials and software required to get you started with e-learning, and be on hand through regular contact to offer support and guidance and make sure you’re on track with your studies.

Please note some exams require invigilation, and this is why we ask you to choose your local centre as a main point of contact. Your nearest centre will work with you and can make special arrangements to ensure you maximise your time if you are required in-centre, for exams or other general course requirements.

Have the best of both worlds with the benefits of studying in-centre for the modules you may need that extra bit of motivation or support, combined with the choice of distance learning if you are gliding through your course or require the flexibility of picking up and putting down your course at a time that suits you. This option gives you the ultimate flexibility, enabling you to study in your own time, at a place; whether that is in-centre or at home or work, and pace that suits you and your lifestyle.

Pitman Training really does offer the best in flexible learning. You can fit your training around work and family commitments and we’ll give you all the help and support you need along the way.

We offer a number of affordable and flexible payment options.
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