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Presentation Skills

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This one-day seminar is designed to give you the skills you need to deliver a show-stopping presentation. It is for anyone whose role requires speaking to groups and who would like an intensive course that provides that extra dimension, which gets you and your presentation remembered.

During the seminar you will learn how to;

  • Overcome the natural fear of speaking to a group – strategies to deal with anxiety and nervousness
  • Understand and gain the non-verbal skills all good speakers need and develop the skills needed to write a presentation that people will remember
  • How body language influences people
  • How to make the listener feel special – as if they are the only one you are addressing
  • Achieve optimum results in delivering and writing presentations
  • The skills involved in delivering a short but effective presentation
  • Writing for the ear – how to make an immediate impact
  • How to answer questions afterwards


During the seminar you will complete a workbook with exercises and individual notes to ensure that the skills learnt on this course will be successfully applied and the knowledge consolidated.

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