Pitman Training

Management and Supervisory Courses

Management and Supervisory training are skills which should be developed early on in people’s careers, helping to plan for future development, and harness the people skills required to lead a team. In many instances, people progress into managerial roles successfully, but without appropriate training on matters such as: how to deal with difficult people; How to deal with difficult personalities; How to manage projects; How to motivate a team; and How to handle conflict in the workplace.

Whether you are looking for a short course, a series of training to help you develop your team or online learning to enable you to effectively lead your team, and your career, we have a number of specialist management and supervisory courses to help you get on track.

Our Management and Supervisory training courses:

Team Development
Management – Personalities, Profiles and Plans
Different Leadership Attributes and Skills
Introduction to Business Structure and Law
Project Management
Handling Conflict and Confrontation
Productivity Series
Motivation and Goal Setting
Office Manager Diploma
Administrative Management Diploma
Management Diploma
Business Management Diploma
Essential Business Award