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Social Media Strategy for Business

Course Outline

Social media is no longer just for us to keep in touch with people on the other side of the world – it’s now very much recognised as a crucial business tool, and powerful method of communication, no matter what sector you work in.

However, using it for business brings new challenges and there are many do’s and don’ts to be aware of.

Once you’ve seen how you can use it to build connections, network online, promote your company and research your industry, there’ll be no stopping you!

There’s an exciting world awaiting…

This course has one simple aim – to learn how social media can be used in business for marketing purposes.

This course is ideal for business owner who wish to harness the power of social media to increase their prospects.

These skills would also be useful for PAs, EAs, Office Managers, Marketing Assistants, Business Development Managers as well as others involved in PR, event management and promotion.

A basic knowledge of the internet and an awareness of social media would be an advantage.

This course looks at how to get the best from the social media tools in business. It contains an overview of over 15 tools that are widely used in Social Media marketing. 

It explores how a business should select the best combination of tools for their audience, their aims, the resources they have available and their product. A number of tools for measuring success for Social Media are also covered.

Module 1: What is Social Media? Why use Social Media? What worries you? What excites you? Taking a strategic approach, Reasons and aims for Social Media marketing, the impact of the type and size of the business on the methods chosen, typical audience groups, identifying the Social Media audience of a business.

Module 2: The range of Social Media tools, Blogs, email newsletters, niche tools, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Videos, Podcasts, Forums, Social Bookmarking.

Module 3: Content, resources, Social Media policy, risk and crisis management, measuring its success, Do’s and Don’ts.

You can get up to speed in just 7 hours and this practical course takes you through the basics one step at a time.

This course can be studied online. This means, you have the flexibility to study our Social Media Strategy course:

  • In centre, with our friendly course advisors available for support and guidance as and when you need it.
  • At home or from work – with support via email or telephone during working hours.
  • On a blended mix – in-centre for the modules you need help with, at home or from work for those you are gliding through.

Once you’re ready to go ahead, all you need to do is contact your nearest Pitman Training centre who will be able to talk you through the process and set you up on the online platform, and then you’ll be ready to study the Social Media Strategy course at a time and place convenient to yourself. 

To get in touch with your nearest centre that offers and supports our online Social Media courses /training-a-z/”>

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